What a year!

Upper School Students at St. Joseph School,

You have so much to be proud of!  7th grade you really rose to the challenge. 8 dissections, numerous tests, quizzes and presentations this past year. You are ready for 8th-grade year for sure. Two more things remember precision and accuracy and be ready to get back into the periodic table, again!  Even though you learned it in 5th grade, this coming year will be tough, so bring your A+++ game.

6th Grade you are an amazing class with so much spirit and kindness. Great job on the Science Fair and your many tests and projects. You are definitely ready for 7th grade Life Science.

5th Grade fantastic job acclimating to the Upper School. Next year the expectations are going up again, so be ready. You have Science Fair so start to think a little bit about it over the summer.

Incoming 4th graders. Welcome to the Upper School. Things are going to move a little faster in 5th grade, but I am sure you will do great!

My graduates. I was so proud to see …

5th Grade Chapter 11 Test

5th Grade Chapter 11 Test  Tuesday, June 5th   Study Guide was given out today.

Final Exams

6th Grade: You have your study guides   and your exam is Monday June 4th

7th Grade: You will have your study guides by today and your exam is Monday the 4th.


7th Grade: Homework   p.617 #27,28,29       p. 618 #1-7, 9, 15, 16, 17    What is acetylcholine?
p. 598
Due tomorrow

8th Grade: Finish Chapter Review p244  #1-16 answers only. Due tomorrow. I will give your Final Exam study guides to you tomorrow.

6th Grade: We are beginning our section on Sound tomorrow. Last of the powerpoints should be presented tomorrow.

*Field Trip note.  Wear regular Spring Uniforms 


8th grade: Chapter 8 Section 3 Self Check   #1-4 answers only   Due 5-11-2018 Friday

7th grade: Chapter 21 Section 2 Self Check #1-5 answers only  Due 5-11-2018 Friday

Homework and News

7th Grade: Chapter 21 Control and Coordination   write and define the highlighted words for both sections. In your notebooks   I'll check for them tomorrow

8th Grade: Self Check Chapter 8 page. 223    #1-5  I'll check tomorrow

6th Grade: Chapter Test will be Friday  we will be in the Computer Lab tomorrow to work on powerpoints

Tests for next week

8th Grade: Chapter Test Wednesday 4-25-2018

7th Grade: Chapter Test Tuesday 4-24-2018

5th Grade: Chapter Test Friday 4-27-2018